Understand there is a point to this mess

Listen to the lyrics to this song

There is reason for this all, just listen

Get up, keep going, you know you can

Try to understand, you are so much stronger

Than you think

Don’t even blink

Just listen

What does it say

What does it tell you to do

You can keep going

There is so much more

Chase the wind, let go of sin, you are you

You are not him

You are so much more

Open the door, listen to the voice, the one that sings

Only you alone, are the one that can swim

Don’t ever give up, there is so much more than this

There is so much more, you will not miss

Understand, you are someone

Understand, you are human

Understand, you can move on

Understand, you know you can

For you've done, no wrong

You are you, understand

Hold out your arms

Listen to this song

Chase the wind, let go of sin, you are you

Just listen