We Are Still Writing

I see past my walls, I see all of you

For when I’m in your company

There is no shadow, only open view

You open the door, the one to my world

You are the reason, this is why

We hold each other, we push forward

Together we lie

You’ve pulled me outside

This feeling is unconditional, this moment just goes on

We share a sight, daring not blink

We are in love, as the world is awake

We are in love, in a room that is warm

We have moved on from yesterday

No longer cold from a storm

Open your window

Open your heart

Open your eyes, you are the reason I don’t want to die

Our path is something that seems strange

In a movie with no name

This is love, unconditionally

This is love, and this is enough

But we both know, there will only be, so much more

For this movie’s ending

We are still writing, in a life, we are still living

As this love, we won’t ever stop sharing

Thank you, for letting me into your heart

Thank you, for sheltering me from the storm

Thank you, for saving me

So that I can write this

So that I can write, whatever I want

And just not care

As I cannot deny

How much I care

For you