I Walk With The Kings

What is this feeling

I feel bent, for I am content

Not used to this feeling of bliss

How long until I miss this

Screaming to the sky, as my tears stream down

Bipolar’s a funny game

I think I’m sad

I think I’m depressed

And so to God, I undress

Only to soon feel blessed

I feel happiness, I feel joy, I feel unchained

Engaged in a state of mind, that always plays a game

This is so strange, I am a man, stronger than yesterday

But still the same

A man with a name, let’s get this into perspective

One day I don’t want the air I breathe

The next, I just want I just want to be, in a life I won’t ever leave

Until there is no air left to feed

So that I can arrive at a place, I feel now

Can’t deny this truth

I walk with the crowds and maintain my virtue

I walk with kings and happiness is my future

For it is in today too, but how long will I say this

Without lying to you

Holding onto this

I’ll never stop trying to do

Am I happy,

Or am I just trying to fool This feeling feels store bought

And one day I'm going to throw it out

For now, I'll just play with it