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I Was Breaking

I had a conversation yesterday

I was breaking

My pain, I was not faking

I paced, I shook, I hurt, I was scared

My friend talked to me

My friend walked with me

My friend sat with me

And guided me

He said words that showed me who I really am

And not what I have come to understand

I wanted life to end

Before the conversation had even begun

But I have a friend

But I am lucky

I have a friend

Who told me I am strong

Who told me I have done no wrong

Who told me that life is a song

And I just need to give it a chance

And I just need to walk and run through it, like a beautiful, endless dance

He made me look in the mirror with his gentle words

And into my own eyes I looked, as deep as I could

I cried

I cried because I knew I was wrong

I cried because I knew I was hurt

I cried because I looked at my wrists, underneath my shirt

And it said “Love Life”

It said love the gift your parents gave

It said love the path your friends have made

It said love yourself, because you are loved by someone else

And because of him, less pain is felt

All I can say is thank you to my friend

On him I know I can depend

And because of him I remember that I love myself

And I don’t want life to end

I want to just breathe, as my tears are no longer there

I just want to let my path bend

Tell me friend, can you ask for anything more

That is truly what a good friend, an amazing one

Is for