As Long As The Rest Of Our Lives

February 17, 2016

I am not alone when I cry

I love more than my own reflection
The one who chooses to stand with me

And I am so grateful that she holds me

I feel the beat when she is next to me

And just her memory helps me to my feet

I owe her my world, because she is my own

I owe her only all of me

In this time where sometimes I cannot see

In this time, where alone, I cannot be

Depression is a lesson that all who breathe must, at times, follow

But I alone cannot battle my own

Knowing all too well, that in which is the void that I bottle

Does not break because she keeps it from falling
As I tread in deep waters she reminds me to breathe

And let the waves just do their work

The emptiness inside is sheltered with her presence

The sadness I feel is distracted by her essence

As she continues to guide me through life lessons

And I continue to keep running, chasing her heart

With my own
For it is the beat that I feel, and the one that reminds me
I am not alone

Her voice is the one that brings me home

Her behind me, pushes me to continue moving onward

As together we heal, running and resting
But always looking forward

We chase dreams that only together, we can reach

In a song as long as the rest of our lives

About love, and my life
That heals because of hers




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