Life Is The Fear They Sew

They hear voices that scream

Closing their eyes

Eyes still closed

But the voices chase them into the night

The voices chase them into their dream

And they open their eyes to the dark

A back lit canopy, blocked by the ceiling

One they cannot see

It’s dark, and they just hear the screams

A cold feeling, scraping beneath, beside and above

The demon is below, the witch is beside

The ghost is above

Their dream is a nightmare, and they are awake

Their reality is their dream, one that is as clear as day

Even in this dark place formed by the night

To sleep or to stay awake is the choice they must make

Where only their life exists

In a night filled with death

And a cold, devil’s breath

Would they like to be alive to face this fear

Or would they like to die, and join the voices so near

This is a question, even they do not know

But what will death bring

As life is the fear they sew