Lifted From Fallen Ground

I run faster than I ever have

I give more than I ever have

I scream louder than ever before

Wanting nothing more, than to open the door

The one to my life, the one weighed down

The one to my freedom, lifted from fallen ground

I touch the flame, but do not let it hurt

I subdue its strength, and I am still fine

Knowing this path I am shaping is shared but all mine

And so I go, onward through today

Opening the gate, opening the door, tearing down walls

Standing strong, where I envision

Falling nowhere, aiming with pure precision

This is my poem, this is my home

This is my path, my past is my wrath

And I will not lose track, I will not be submissive

I will penetrate through barriers

I will be, only persistent

I never give up, as do you, and so I am inspired

Waking from a dreamlike state, awake not tired

I am alive, and just want to run

I just want to relive my mistakes, as if life has just begun

This journey seems to never end

But right now it’s only one

And I am included

So today, the one sky, I will see

I will stand below, and just be