A Movie Script That Never Got Made

We rise early to see the traffic take form

And so this insanity is just the norm

We get in line, a line that starts where we stand

In this time, a time that defines our land

Tired but yet we breathe

With one thing meant to be achieved

We are still this world’s child

We are still so far from wild

As we conform to a new beginning

That is so repetitive in this empty silver lining

I once contemplated suicide

Today, but what about yesterday, what about tomorrow’s ride

Fuck this noise

This traffic muffles out the joy

The sky is gray in this back lit day

As, we all, just want to play

"What do you want?" I say, to the person next to me

But he can’t hear, even the best of me

I look him in the eyes

And don’t even see the human hidden behind his cries

The birds rest on a line above

Their peace is beautiful, but it’s above

As we are so far down

Having only emptiness on this over populated, stagnant ground

And so I just stand in line

Feeling so sublime

For I am playing, and writing this movie script It is my secret that I have kept

Written with the blood on the blade Knowing this movie won't ever get made