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Something We Know

The day begins and ends with you

The universe grants us a gift

The essence of summer’s kiss

And the sun is the first to sink in

As it is the one clarity that lets life begin

We run towards it

We walk away from it

We are blanketed by warmth that cannot be ignored

As our dreams blossom in a lit place

And do nothing

But soar

The door lets the sun set

To a peaceful place of nothing more

Than a days end and a new beginning

One where life stops singing

The sun is everything in this room with no walls

As we are the object that reflects its strength

And so for this life, we give thanks

Letting the darkness finally come

As the memory of light lets our dreams continue

Into the night

Our vision reflects even the warmest memory

With our eyes closed

And a tomorrow

We do not know

Except that the sun

Will be there