Fuck Dishonesty

We walk with an emptiness deep within

Some look to drugs, some look to gin

Forgiving our souls, we try so hard

Most giving our life to a manufactured scar

One so permanent in a life that fades

Some take in air, some seek the blade

I imagine a life of dreams, a life unseen

And so I am brought downhill, to a calm stream

Though it is shallow, too rocky and jagged to stand

And so I just sit and stare questioning, am I truly a man

I take that stand, looking down river

It gets dark outside, so cold I even shiver

I blanket myself with the comfort of a bridge above

I am alone now, how do I love

People walk by, here and there, over head

I live surrounded by many, but I know inside a void is what’s said

I hate this rhyming shit

Is it life I want to quit

I’m so angry, everything I write about is me

I want to get out of my head, over there I want to be

Everything is I, I, I, over and over, I

Why, why, why, do I write this crybaby, sigh

I hurt, I’m in pain, but am I selfish, am I vain

I want to write about what I see and what I observe

In this world that’s undeniably beautiful, but so absurd

People driving back and forth, focused, but dying

And I just sleep away the shared pain, too tired to be seen crying

Whose lying, fuck dishonesty

It’s the world’s biggest travesty

Be true, be righteous, aim high, be a man, make unselfish plans

Fuck this rhyme, I don’t even understand

Is this what it takes to be good and to be human

To care about this crazy world, that never stops moving