I Just Stare

I run past the sky

I talk to the moon asking why

I run, head up, shoulders back

Streaming towards something ahead

But why am I always looking back

I scream, let me go

I scream

Why is this so

I scream for my dream

A vision of tomorrow

One, I just can’t know

I stop screaming, for as I do

I, am, no, longer, dreaming

Why, then, do, I, run

From nothing

As the past, is, no longer


Fuck these thoughts, they are all self-taught

They are regret, they are despair

Where free feelings are never found, and far too often rare

Take care

Take care

Please something greater

Please, fuck you, take care

I long for the sickness

I long for my illness

To no longer be here

To be there

Where I will go

Will my life show

A life I must repair

I just stare, wishing I could just know

But I don't, so I continue running

Looking back