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Where do I go from here Where do I let my body steer Is it the past or present I fear Or is it the future, far away or near I lay on the ground looking down But dreaming up How do I even begin to fill up my cup How do I make sense of my deprivation's luck When so many times I've looked at bare wrists and a blade, not knowing what to cut I feel so much shame, so much judgement, so much stigma Is my mind nothing more, but a vulnerable enigma Do I grab the gun, do I pull the trigger Do I keep venturing further, letting the universe grow bigger Mind bent, body broken, life giving, never taking This truth is a reality that keeps my spirit aching This sickness is invisible, but its truth is not faking I take the pills to a path I that I am now making I wish I could take the pills and just be But I am bipolar and I want the whole world to see Is this suicide

Or is this me

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