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a r t CREATE DESIGN l i f e


Succumbed to the emptiness of the path all around

Feeling heavy in this weightless place

Floating and sinking all at once

My feet find no ground as thought is the only sound

Screaming inside but too tired to continue

Whispering outside but too desperate to give up

Thinking of hanging


Thoughts of not breathing

Thoughts of not being

The light is dim but wouldn't it be a treat if it just stopped

Along with time in this universe with no watch

My poem is sad and hopeless, as are most

My mind is trembling, I do not even want to be a ghost

I don't even want to exist

I keep going

I keep going

Asleep as I march on

Depression is such a lesson in this children's school with no song

Alone at my desk listening to the lecture of life

I'd rather be out, past my windows view, running with no knife

I don't know what I want

I don't know what I have

I'm fucking pathetic in this conscious state

For I have control of my mental state

And so, I take the pills

Morning and night

I sleep to escape

I wake to fight

I say I love life

I just hate this night

And yesterday too

I wonder, where will I go tomorrow

I wonder, where am I now

I wonder, if even I, the one who suffers really gives two flying fucks

Depression is a joke

If I do nothing I will win

If I do nothing I will loose

If I want to live, that is something I will choose

And so myself, I will continue to abuse

Until my body is a bruise as my mind feels like a burnt out fuse

Healing until happiness finds me again

And then runs away like a friendship come to an end

On me I know, I must always depend

And so this sad thought I will let go

And so this sad place I will bend

And so this depression I will ignore

Until I sleep

Until I sleep

Until I wake up

Until the lit sky distracts me

With a thirst to put water in my cup

And just take