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The Waves

Running into the waves

Falling flat onto the windy shore

Wanting so badly to just dive in

Wanting to see so much more

Treading water as you dare not even move

Feeling the sand below

Feeling the ocean shaped groove

Sinking as the waves crash all around

Feeling waves drown out the noise

A suffocated existence

A muffled indescribable sound

Treading water as you try to stay up

This storm keeps you at bay

In an earth who's water is merely a cup

This storm has no end

On a day now black from light

This day is only one

Of so many impossible nights

You write into the sand

Lord please help me find home

You look into the sky

As your eyes are carried to an open door

This room is empty and drowning all at once

It is an ocean of everything

An emptiness of abundance

You climb on a rock to catch your air

Feeling a sky whose back is now turned

And a body of water that just does not care

And so you dive right back in, in the ocean where you started

For you know now though

The waves are still here

This ocean cannot be parted