Dress Rehearsal

Slipping with sad eyes

Carrying the silent cries

With a pain whose birth just won’t die

As I stand feeling too heavy to fall

Too heavy to lie

I question, why, and what did I do

As this pain is felt, as this sadness came true

I have been broken and separated through

And through

Where do I go

If only I knew

Loneliness from the one I dislike

With a friendship of distaste

A disclosed fallen spike

Armed with a secret, so blatant, so obvious

Carried by someone else, not cowardly, not masking this

The truth is now real, and out in the open

What it is though, is a friendship I’ve had has come to an end

I thought we were something, I thought we were one

This empty song is never shared though, now only sung

I hate the way people act at times

I hate not seeing all of the signs

They come for so long

They come, they come, they come

They come, and stay with you, sadly

Rarely wrong

But always far from the past

And far too long

I feel a loneliness only given by an enemy

I feel a loneliness, one a friend has given me

I feel a friendship, where love has granted me


For only sadness

Is felt in me

And so I dial out

Late at night

Hoping for a friend to answer

Hoping for something bright

In this never ending conversation

In this never ending dress rehearsal

Where people merely act

Where people are not true

Where people do not care for me

And act as if they care for you