Forgotten Souls Wander With Aimless Precision

Forgotten souls wander

Empty in body

Staring back with blank face

Eyes rolled back

Looking backwards, blinded by the forgotten trail

As time carries the fallen luggage

As time falls down

Dropping only itself

As we face the fallen crown

And kneel to the dead

As the living is forgotten

We kneel, on the ground

We kneel, on the ground

Devastated in this state

Devastated in this place

Fearing what we now face

Left with only ourselves

In a dark room, with no window and no way out

Divided and alone

Battling all of which is a silent debate

Battling all of which is inside of us

We tear at our eyes

Without even raising our arms

Seeing so much

Except for that of which lies ahead

Loosing control of the blade

As it tears, cutting through light

With aimless precision