To Waking Up

November 8, 2015

I alone stand naked for my neighbour

I alone am honest to my brother

I walk, in this vulnerable state

Unafraid, in a moment I now know, will only continue
Finally, for I have taken something

Finally, for I have discovered something

For I, have, achieved

One thing

As I, have given, everything

It is in this self-proclaimed acknowledgement

That I feel a moment I know will last

More than a moment, in a life moving so fast

Content and completely satisfied is how I finally feel

Sincere with my presence

Honest, with my essence
Understanding the importance of my lessons
Knowing that I have a purpose, one with a message

Know I, can say, like I have so many times before

That today, “I am happy”

There is no other word that can define me
There is no other feeling that I have ever tried so hard, to understand more

There is no other truth, in which I have strangled, so many times before
There is no other state, that I know, to be this true
That is this lit, because of what I have done, and will only continue to do

Even when the walls all around

Try their hardest to darken this way

And try their hardest, to darken, my ground
The sun sets
And the mind rests

Though too excited, to go to sleep
But looking forward

To waking up
I have unclothed myself from shame

I have put down the burden of guilt, I have passed on the blame
And I've done this because I have had so much help along the way
Since I first got sick
Since the tunnel got dark

Since I first travelled, along this path
Since I first stumbled, alone, towards my reflection's wrath

Trying to find my way
For so many seemingly, endless, fucking, terrible, days

So as to find, this day

So as to feel, today

In a manner I can only describe as


So as to find, my way

So as to want to do nothing, but sit where I am

And just stay


I just want to stay awake

I just want to stay awake

I just want to stay awake


I just want to stay here

And see,



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