The Words In This Song

August 9, 2015


The road winds up, down, sideways, and in a direction all around
I venture further to a place where only conversation carries sound
My tires spin fast, throwing stones on the dirt road below
This path I am on, is just so, beautiful
I look all around and see the endless blue sky
I play Bruce Springsteen and for once I don't cry
For once in Philadelphia, his words, I don't relate
For I feel so alive, so free in this state
The company beside me is all that I need
On this country road I follow, at a slow and steady speed
My best friend is with me, and though we are lost
The lines in the dirt road give us a choice we now cross
The air sings to both of us, as the radio, I turn down
Alive in this place, my home is now found
I reach out my hand to the girl that I love
I'm guided back home, sheltered by a blue blanket, up above

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