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Only Tonight

I look forward to the smell The one that drips down I salivate for the taste The one that self medicates I feel naked without this manmade light One that burns to the touch more When the light fades to dark I envy the night As I run past the day Sickness is felt before While I sniff my illness away Oh how I love this rush Like a car speeding past a stalled train, and a traffic jam Oh how I love the lust As I lie to everyone about being content as a man This room is dark The one I have entered The drip is stale Creating a balance not permanent But now centred Who am I Without this drug Who am I Merely a man who chooses to find And loose Love So my quest begins again For manmade light Until the dawn of tomorrow A day that is 24 hours in a capsule 24 hours in a room with shut blinds Crumbling only to reveal the next night, I just can't fight Without the drip There is only tonight There is only tonight My body is bent

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