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Sickness Is Alone

When all is lost,

You can forget all that was found.

Go back to it, if you choose.

Go back to the ones you love.

Go back to the one you hate,

And scream into the demons that blow in your ear.

With nothing,




You are possessed with humanity.

You are possessed with your brother.

You desire protection for your mother.

As you blow hatred towards your hero

And crave guidance from your father.

You suck up to your enemy

While you continue to be cruel to yourself

Gasping for air,

Waving it through, as if you are the one creating it.

Your mind is unravelling into its full potential.

You can do, say, be whatever you want, or not,

And that thought is both humbling and terrifying.

Polar opposite at the exact same time.

Your words are your carrier.

Your words are your system.

In this manic state.

In this dream while you are awake.

Your lyrics don’t follow the beat, for they are your own song.

This day just continues to get more beautiful, but you still want to move on.

The breeze blows into your room, and reminds you that you cannot fly.

You won’t fall.

You will stand tall.


And over,

and over again,

You have done wrong,

But you will, build a thrown.

And you will, hold.

You are your conscious state.

You are my friend.

Sickness is alone.

Sickness is alone.

Sickness is alone.

With no throne.

You are mine to hold.

You are mine to hold.

You give me gold.

You give me, my home.

I’m going home.

You are home.

You are home.

You are home.

Go where ever you want.

Alone or by yourself,

You will find something amazing.

I am home.