As I Listen To This Tupac Song

I flow like the water in my tap

I sing like the bird in my tree

I see like the all-seeing crow

I hurt, then

I release, now

I am strong

As I listen to this Tupac song

I am a man

In everlasting life


Feeling no pain

Watching the whole world

Move in slow motion

The beat in my heart goes on

Filling the ground with a base

One that knocks over my enemy

In the end, there is no end

Just as there is no beginning

Thus, I let happiness flood

My gates My gates

My gates My gates

Heaven is here, with me

On my road, steered away from mania

Steered away from despair

Fully, acknowledging, that this feeling

Is rare

I am happy as I write

Excited for the future

While drawn to the present

As, now, I feel, nothing, but heaven

I am a book

With so many words

With a universe I see

Through the eyes of a man

Who’s to say, a man, I am not

For in this state

I know I am not wrong

Trailing, trickling, travelling

The waves that are my world

The path that is my life

Gathering happiness along the way

Not strife

I, put, down, the, knife

Until the end of time

One cannot, simply just, turn me off

I, can, just, live


In peace


In happiness


In a conscious state

That is awake