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There Is An Ocean That Remains

I am a man with glasses

I think while I sit

Free from everything except my own mind

I think, all, of, the, time

Loosing grip of those very thoughts far too often

My window is open and through it’s opening

The traffic that is my world

Is silenced

As the night is at an end

Calm as I reflect

As yesterday makes me smile

For yesterday was shaped into a new chapter that is my life


A life I love

A life, I share

A life I compare to the past

A past in which, I can finally, let go

For it, is not here

For it, rests only in thought

As my pain, in my mind, disappears

I, an artist

I, a writer

I, a person

I, like so many

Can and will, channel my demons

Transform my nightmares

Into beautiful creations, I make

To a story's ending, I write

That pours out on lined paper and canvas

With permanent ink and beautiful layers of colours

I choose

I pause and listen

As the world awakens

I feel my breath as I inhale deeply

And whisper the words, my words, these words

That come out, so softly

Peace is with me

Purpose lies ahead

So, I, will, write, these, words, down

And think about them

Over and over

When thought is my only sound

The coke drip is forgotten.

I wont ever look for it again

My heart reminds me

There is an ocean that remains

An ocean filled everything I’ve ever been through

More times than I can count

An ocean filled with everything I’ve ever wanted

As love, is the voice, that guides me

In a straight line

To stable ground