You Just Have To Find It

I walk

Hand in hand

With the woman

I love more than life

This woman is all the life I’ve ever wanted

Her beside me

Comforts and calms my tortured mind

In a way no other life can

She is my, everything

She is my whole world

A world I stumble in

So hard

So fast

So as to quickly find my path

When I fall

She helps me

When I cry

She lends me her shoulder

There is nothing in my life


There is nothing in my life I value more

Than simply

Her presence

When I’m happy

Her doing is all the reason

When I’m at peace

Her being becomes

The only company I want

As her love is the only energy I really need

I look for love

She approaches

I look into her eyes feeling no intimidation

And it is found

Inside I am so happy I did that

She gives me so much

Asking only for me in return

So in return

She’ll have me

In return she’ll hold me

And in return I will never let go

As I will forever hold her in my arms as well

Never have I ever felt such a purpose

Waking moments transform into two dreamers

Carrying the night into the day

So that our dreams can be brought

To the clear blue, up ahead

Love is real

You just have to find it

And let it find you in return