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The Universe Has No Walls


I write

A way in which I have not

Since I questioned too much

I sit

Carrying thought

Through my lense, that captures the light

My day is revealed

As is my night

Light travels through


And above

Reflective of all that it touches

With a purpose to show

A universe now exposed

With no walls to reflect

I stay awake

Trying to understand too much

Until darkness is all I desire

The walls that contain my presence

Disappear to a distance, life, cannot reach

Light, in this place

Can no longer carry its own weight

Sleeping to escape

My world disappears

While the walls that contain me

Reach further than my home can touch

My mind is sheltered

By the sleep my body provides

My universe inside is as infinite

As the sheltered mind

In which, my thoughts

With no walls

Now lie