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Still Sky

The flight before the calm takes place in the windy sky. Each bird circles through life, eager to enter a door so welcoming it is almost impossible to find. Flying in all different directions, the birds spread their wings with one anticipated destination. One’s entire life, if lived right and true, is to find this door. Each bird guides the other, spending countless years trying to find this opening. The world outside this room is vast, though seemingly empty in its offerings. The world inside this room is a sky that is still, with a tree that will blanket, in a state that is grounded. Once the door is opened there is no need to move. Stillness is achieved and a permanent home is the offering. This is one in which only our earth could provide. This door that is so hard to find remains always open. It is not an escape from suffering; it is an acceptance of life’s offerings. Open your wings and find it.