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The Caress Of A Cloud

As my father sees me off

And my mother smiles down

My brother waves goodbye

And in this moment, all is found

My leaves have fallen

And I have mourned

My branches bend

From a winter's scourn

My journey gives me courage

And with it I'll stand tall

There is only one obstacle

Open sky,

and that is all

My branches begin to reach

High up, and through the clouds

The sheer beauty of the lit sky

Forces me to take a bow

I stand on this part of the path

Routes finally reaching into the ground

The wind sways me from side to side

As I stand strong, and do not, buckle down

Flowers grow in every direction

All around, for me to see

Scattered colours creating inspiration

In this moment, I hold within me

It is bright where I stand

Though dark in the distance

The love of my life joins me

Creating one voice

In which we carry with us

Never leaving anything behind

And never fully saying goodbye

Always remembering, while looking forward

Chasing the reasons why

I am a tree now

Blowing in the wind

The cloud that caresses my branch

Is love that only heaven could give

Accompanied in this life

Held high up in this place

As the love from a clouds wind

Carries my branch to a direction

I must now face

I gaze at the sun

Hidden behind the cloud that now holds my hand

I say goodbye to the darkness

And in this moment

I embrace the land

As I stand, a tree

Blowing in the wind

My roots keep me up right

In this journey, in which I see no end