This Is Fun

I am in a state of euphoria As thought just pours out I am in control in this state Writing line after line Feeling the wave Riding the ride Never letting go I breathe I feel the air I love how it feels Though rarely do I even acknowledge this act Who am I talking to? Slow down your heart rate Slow down your thought Slow down your mind Ease into this air Feel nothing Feel no despair Release yourself Let the truth out Heaven holds a sense of wonder This world holds a sense of imagining it You are your words You carry your sword You are your breath You feel your heart You may or may not question why you are alive But if you do you will see You are everything in your world that is meant to be A sense of nothing A sense of emptiness Is now being replaced by something beautiful Let the beat of life guide you Let the air you breathe fill you Let your thought direct you Let your heart complete you Do not fade Let your light show you the way Let your light be the journey I believe I have seen you I have met you I will never forget you I look into this computer screen I see my reflection I am you Go far Come back soon Leave again Sit in this room Run outside Feel alive Look up at the sky And have fun asking why Try to make sense of all that you see You will trip You may fall But a truth that is your own You will find I believe, this is fun I breathe I feel the air I love how it feels This is fun