The Earth Is Your Seat

Finding that finite centre in yourself Creates a form of thinking that an entire universe creates Lost in thought as you sit and work not to think at all Attempting to escape the temple that carries your energy Balance is accomplished when the tension subsides Balance is brought on by no thought at all Clear minded Conscious of your surroundings Though not distracted by any of it Travelling nowhere and centred in this state While moving somewhere That is free of what ails and displaces you You sit motionless, on a seat the size of the earth Surrounded by the stars Touched by the sun And watched by the moon You do not fall, or even sway just a little You simply breathe Your thought, invisible, infinitely so Your eyes closed, as the light blends through both eye lids Seeing the light, far from the dark Warmed by it too

Far from the emptiness that only a cold room, with no windows, could offer Grounded in an earth that you are now centred in Balance is free from the past Not yet in the future And fully aware of the present Nothing is more true As the clear light you see through your shut eyes Nothing is more honest than where your thought lies Out of a body that remains still Looking at yourself within From a view close above That will not move That is a creation, in complete stillness Out of the body Inside of it too