You Are The Light

November 27, 2013

Flying towards an empty space
Feeling no wind beneath your wing
Gliding towards an open sky
Accompanied by nothing
Not even a cloud
Lit, you are, in this dark abyss
Light the way, on your path, you must
As you carry yourself throughout this journey
Who’s only end
Is when your life finds the light,
That lit the very candle you hold in your hand
Free from death
Attached to life
You will carry yourself, as if, you are the lamp
You will lead your way, with a light only you can shine
Feeling no ground
No ceiling
And no gravity
No wind to leave your flame a daze
No obstacle is present,
At this point on your path,
Your flame is strong
And it cannot be suffocated
You do not buckle, for there is no force preventing your flight
Pushing off of nothing
You carry only one thing
Yourself, your thought, your strife
Your life
You are the light
Separate from yourself, you will
Only to reconnect and become one, once again
As each second in time trickles by
You change
You grow
You move
On a journey where ultimately,
You are the carrier
High above, and far below,
Every place you ever once were,
And have yet to be
You light the way
As you fly
Into a dark and distant open space
Your lit state is all that you can see
It is the one thing you carry
Its is yourself, your thought, your strife
It is, your life
And every thing your life will become
You are the light,
That lights the path you are on
Continue you will
Until the light is gone

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