The Reason

The butterfly sits perched on the branch

New to the world he is in

In a second state of existence

Healing from his transformation

Healing from his separation

From new to new again

From young to older

But not old

Loosing love

Gaining more too

His life changes constantly

As that is the only constant in his life

I see myself in this state

I see myself changing

I see myself healing

For I am accepting

The permanence of change

The colours of life comfort me throughout this transition

And I move myself

From branch to branch

Sitting, healing, accepting

Moving, running, living


Seeing the world ahead

Sometimes changing so much

That I cannot recognize myself

I fight to capture

All that was once, me

Jumping from branch to branch

To find, who I am

To not forget, what I have lost

Getting lost in myself

While finding my way in the world that I travel

Guided by life, and the urge to feel it

Seeing myself from where I have been

To where I am going

Finally healing

And accepting

The place that I am in,

Who I am in it,

And who I have become,


My wings take me here

The wind is the reason