Running In The Sky

I see through the eyes of a man

I see with a range larger than plains

My eyes grasp to the future

While standing in the present

I write to a story

For I am an open book

Though, locked inside of an individual

Locked inside the body of simply, one man

I see all of the world

But only through my eyes

And my eyes alone

As I try to make sense of all that I see

I get lost in the clouds

Still in my view

Taken to a night to see stars

Scattered amongst the moon

I look into water, but don't look down

For I dare not see my reflection

For now, I only see the future

And my reflection is, yet, not there

I am optimistic with what I see

And it is in a life that I dictate

And I create

Controlling every outcome

Reaching for something bigger

Than all that I see