Life is.

What is life? Choose your words carefully. Choose your words systematically. Choose your words purposely. Choose your words perfectly. Choose your words elegantly? Choose your words manly. Choose your words subjectively. You are your words, can you not see?

Angelic in this state of living.

Do you not see? You are growing. A part of the earth. The way the universe understands itself. You are gentle to the lake. You shape the rock. You sink in the sand. You are the element that makes sense of what it sees. You are the block when you write, on a street with no name.

You are alive. You hurt some of the time. While your heart beats, you break, never. In this life there is only one shot. Do not be scared. Embrace it, shape it, change it, make it, and mold it.

Gravity will not subdue you.

Gravity will mold and change you.

You are life, and that is incredible.

Every single day, every time you question, think of life and think of living it the way you love.