Standing While The Sun Lies

November 10, 2013

I see the sunset
As it falls in my eyes
It is warm and I cannot even touch it
It is beautiful but I cannot even hold it
I fly in different directions
Wanting nothing more
Than to see all of it
I travel just to witness
All of its beauty before it is too late
It stops me though
Dead in my tracks
Dead in my flight
For when I just stand
Still against the wind
I realize I can see all of it
And I am a part of it
It touches my face
I feel its warmth on my brow
I stand
Arms by my side
I stand
And I turn my back to it
I try so hard to feel it
With my eyes closed
With my hands at ease
Putting my body at peace
It is so beautiful
It is so unbelievable
I open my eyes
To see
All of the colours it paints for me
A palette, that is, a painting itself
Opens a path in my mind
One that need not be walked on
But one that I stand tall on
Head held high in appreciation
As the sun leaves, once again

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