Art is my outlet, that is, a way for me to stay grounded. I've found purpose, stability and peace through creative expression. I like to clutter white space because so much inspires me.

My name is Blake Horsley and I am an artist, writer, author, and mental health advocate; one who personally lives with bipolar disorder.


When I create my work all in which I am surrounded gets moulded in my mind. Art, in those moments, is a reflection of what I am thinking. It allows me to capture reality and combine it with my own imagination.


I always worked hard on anything I wanted to achieve, but the act of making art always seemed effortless, for it is a love that brings my life balance and purpose more than anything ever has. Hours can be spent on my work, and yet, it never feels like work invested. To me, making art, expressing my thoughts through words and poetry, is an escape, a chance to meditate, and very often a time to find peace. When I am at my lowest I search high and low for inspiration. I find it with my eyes closed, and see its real state with my eyes open. I begin each piece, reflective to my present state, but as the beauty unravels my emotion travels in a positive direction. Art and writing literally takes me out of the dark, and captures the light.


Beauty is my creation and emotion is the cause.


There is something about the ability to put that very emotion on canvas and paper. For those fleeting moments every thought connects, breathing life into a secret part of your soul, which in turn connects to another being. The purpose is to reflect, in a mirror made of opaque layers and dream-like imagery. My inspiration comes from a vulnerable place. From an illness with no cure, a mother who has passed on, and the life I continually strive to improve. Those vulnerable places emerge when you are about to fall asleep at night, when there is calm before the storm, and when you feel truly, alive. My art is an ode to a place that all of us have, but are too shy to reveal.


I would like to say that I am self-taught, but that is not entirely true. I learn by feeling and by letting my hands be guided by my imagination. I’ve gathered bits and pieces through admiration of others, mentors with a vision, and countless hours of practice. I hope these pieces inspire you. Let them be a constant reminder of my gratitude towards being able to live my dream. No lifetime is easy, but it can be continually beautiful.

Tell me I am wrong

And have been all along

I will tell you I thought the same

But still I write a song

This is merely a symptom

This sickness is not a game


This is a symptom of a sickness that will listen

To the choices you make, to your undeniable position

This sickness is heavy, and ready to cause suffering

But through words of honesty, it can become just one thing

A thing that gives one purpose, which gives one reason

To never run from this life, to embrace pain without leaving

For after you hurt, you will find yourself healing

And the sky will open up to you

As hope has no ceiling


Let the sky just be

Darkness you will find

Heaven you will see



EXCERPT  FROM  MY  POEM        ||   Hope  Has  No  Ceiling