A podcast I took part in on the 4th episode of CBC's Show Campus: GOING IN CIRCLES


This book is more than the mind that created it.

This book is not just about my mental health challenges, but more about my imagination, the beauty it can see and transform into its own creation, and my mind that for a period of time allowed itself to decay and almost give up entirely, while creating nothing but despair through words that suffer. This very mind eventually comes to a state of acceptance and grows to create nothing but beauty that through art can be preserved in its entirety.

This book is intended to be a work of art.

As an artist, I feel it reveals a truth about myself that is both brutally honest and hauntingly beautiful. The writing throughout is as real and poetic as I could possibly attempt to make it. The art that sits beside it, connects to the very truth written on each page.

This book is not just about mental health, and that is something, I, as the writer, am starting to realize. This book is about life. In this life we very often suffer, sometimes more so than others. Sometimes we, ourselves, force ourselves into this state. But in this life we have the ability to escape this very suffering, as we have the ability to transform our thoughts into a positive direction that guides us to a comforting future. In this life we have the ability to let go of the past, focus on the present, and aim for the future, so that we can carry a mind that is under control. This is the greatest challenge I have ever been faced with as a man, and the proudest accomplishment I have ever had no choice but to achieve.


In this book I start off by stating I want to help the world.

In the end my words end up helping myself. These very words could do the same for others.